Unlock Verified Partner status for access to a wide customer base both locally and overseas.
As a chamber of commerce with both local and overseas membership bases and clientele, EBAT receives numerous queries on business service resources both in Taiwan and globally. Services are offered to both Members and non-members who require assistance, either in-house or through our Members and Partners who are market leaders in their field of expertise and proven partners of EBAT.

As an EBAT Membership Benefit, eligible Members may enjoy additional exposure by becoming a Verified Partner under the Market Entry Solutions Program.

Before a proposal will be considered, verified Partners must:
  • Be an EBAT SME or Corporate Member in good standing for at least 6 months
  • Have an active EBAT SME or Corporate Membership
  • Have provided excellent service for EBAT’s own usage at least once during the EBAT Membership period
  • Be a reliable and accountable business partner
  • Be able to offer their service in Taiwan and/or overseas
  • Be able to provide customer service and marketing support in English
  • Offer a service that is on the list of EBAT’s Business Services

If the service being offered is not currently on the list of EBAT’s Business Services, please send us a message via the Contact form with more information on your service.

Verified Partners will receive a verification mark of excellence for use on their platforms for the duration of their EBAT Membership period which allows potential clients to verify the Partner’s service standard with EBAT.